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Lessons from the Farm


It’s funny how growing up and working on a farm helped to shape me in my role as a Social Worker. It instilled in me a staying power, and "stick to it" work ethic that is needed when working with people

Capuchin Clothing Center: A tapestry of diversit

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The Capuchin Clothing Center offers free gently used clothing items and small household utensils to those in need. 

Watch My Garden Grow

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Spring has sprung…as I gaze out my window and listen to birds chirp, I think about the freshness of Spring, planting my flowers and watching my garden grow. Being in my garden gives me the sense of tranquility and allows me time to reflect on life and how far I have come.

I Am Always a Little in Awe of How Fortunate I Am


I am always a little in awe of how fortunate I am. I get to work with wonderful friars committed to living the Gospel. And we see people in need every day who our fundraising efforts are helping. But I am most in awe of our donors.