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Thank you!

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I have been the Social Worker at the House of Peace for twenty-six years. During this time, so many people have come through these doors at 17th and walnut. Some come for a short period before their exit. Some come for long periods of time. These people are one of our greatest treasures. I am talking about our volunteers that we are blessed to have…our volunteers who work tirelessly, our volunteers that give and sow into this ministry generationally.

The Act of Giving

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Imagine you are eating at the food court at the mall and someone comes up to you and says “I’m hungry. Can you give me something to eat?” Would you look up at them, and tell them to move on? Or would you ask them sit down with you and share your meal?

Summer Food Shortage

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As we begin to enjoy the warm sunny days of summer, families are planning relaxing carefree weekends, family cook outs and vacations with friends - and our children? They are understandably anticipating their last days of school! But for too many children in our city, the beginning of summer vacation does not bring about excitement over the end of homework – to the contrary, these children fear hunger.

Bundle of Love

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Today I worked my first day at the Clothing Closet at the Capuchin Community Service's House of Peace location. It was a profound experience that touched my heart in ways I did not expect. 

As I got situated a young woman approached me and shared that she is pregnant and is due within the week with a little girl!  She was searching or clothing for her daughter and asked if I could help her find some things. We walked to the children’s area.  Not only was the newborn section all but bare, the infant, toddler and children’s sections were sparse at best. She looked up at me and whispered, “What am I going to do?”