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A Piece of Wisdom: “God is good,” says St. Francis of Assisi

The House of Peace was founded in 1968 and continues to be influenced in its day-by-day operations by the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi.  Most people know of the love that St. Francis had for creation seen in the many statues of St. Francis amidst flower gardens, with birds perched on his shoulder or a bunny at his feet. But while he really did have a great affection and respect for all in the animal kingdom, there is much more to his life and spirituality than that.

A Piece of Wisdom: Losing life and finding it.

Mrs. Helen Sturn was a wealthy lady living in Washington, DC.  Besides being a parent, she was also an artist, sculptor and author, and donor to a number of charitable causes as often wealthy people do.

A Piece of Wisdom: Visiting those in prison

In Matthew 25:36, 40, 45 Jesus tells us that he will reward us if we visit those in prison because if we do that for those “least brothers of mine” he will consider it done to himself.  

A Piece of Wisdom: Accepting an outsider.

When Irish immigrants began coming to the United States, the governor of Massachusettes, Henry Gardner, referred to them as a “horde of foreign barbarians.”  He probably was not alone in his lack of acceptance because the Irish were seen as the outsiders, foreigners and Catholics, very different from the majority of the population.