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A Piece of Wisdom: A stranger’s voice

The book of the prophet Jonah in our Bible tells a story of how a man, named Jonah, finally does what God ordered him to do.  He begins to walk through the city of Nineveh, an enormously large city, shouting “Forty days more and Nineveh shall be destroyed” (Jonah 3:4).

A Piece of Wisdom: Glorify God in your body!

When St. Paul wrote his first Letter to the Corinthians about how wonderful were their bodies he had many reasons for saying it.  Corinth was a seaport city in the country of Greece.  Like many seaports, then and now, it was famous as a place of every possible sexual delights.  There was a phrase in those days that described a person who was totally immoral as “a Corinthian.”  To be called a “Corinthian girl” was to label another a prostitute.

A Piece of Wisdom: Our bodies are temples

Once I was able to visit Mexico City and the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  This shrine holds the cloak that miraculously displays the picture of Mary as it was shown to the Bishop of Mexico by Juan Diego, to whom Mary appeared.  Many Mexican people visit this shrine, making the trip of the last 100 yards on their knees!  They do so out of a loving devotion to Mary, whose presence displayed on the cloak makes this a holy place.  If anyone would attempt to desecrate the cloak or this shrine, God forbid, the people would give their lives to protect it.  This shrine is a sacred temple, Mary’s special home among the Mexican people.

A Piece of Wisdom: Unable to reach normal milestones

Almost every one of us, when we were young, accomplished the goal of moving out of our parents’ home, finding a job that allowed a career, owning a home, and marrying.  But when one considers a group of young people today, called millennials (ages 18-35), many of them are missing these normal milestones.  They are often living in the parent’s home (perhaps in the basement), unable to find entry-level jobs, maybe renting but hardly owning a home.  Even marriage rates among 18-35 year olds have skidded downward with a little more than 25% of them marrying compared to 40% of an earlier generation.