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A Piece of Wisdom: Enjoying the after-glow

For many couples, the celebration of their wedding is an experience of a fulfilled dream.  While there may have been a few details that didn’t go as planned, for most newly wedded couples the ceremony was one of the most beautiful and fulfilling experiences of their lives.  The vow ceremony, the reception, the music and dancing, the well-wishes, the picture-taking all cumulated in a heart-warming event.  During the honeymoon and weeks after the loving couple enjoy the after-glow of all that took place.

A Piece of Wisdom: It takes a while to believe

Occasionally if one wanders through cemeteries one can find a tombstone with the inscription: “Gone, but not forgotten.”  The apostles and Mary Magdalen could have written that over the tomb of Jesus as well when they arrived at the place where Jesus was buried.

A Piece of Wisdom: A tragic death

Every human death is, in some way, tragic.  A person, loved and cared for, is taken away into an unknown future.  The warm hand that once caressed us in our moments of need now is cold and unmoving.  There are words that we use to cover up our tragic lose, like “she’s in a better place,” “his suffering has ended”, “we’ll meet him again,” but it doesn’t change the fact that death has brought an emptiness into our lives.  We will never be the same.

A Piece of Wisdom: New life!

By the end of March we begin to sense a change in the air in Wisconsin.  Nature is waking from its long winter sleep.  Its powerful force is shouting: “grass, flowers, buds – come forth!”  (And sadly to us nature also bellows, “Mosquitoes, come forth!”)  What is happening in nature is symbolic of what God wants to do with us: “life, come forth!”